Que tan bueno eres ...

Que tan bueno eres en reportes de pentesting...  


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23/01/2020 12:22 am  

¿Que tipos de reportes, para pruebas de seguridad manejas o has manejado?

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27/01/2020 12:34 pm  

Curated list of public penetration test reports released by several consulting firms and academic security groups:


Yo le manejo lo que es el NICE REPORT.mp3: https://github.com/downloads/sophsec/sophsec.github.com/nice_report.mp3

(since when do buzzwords make you elite?)

(nerdy voice: I got my hypervisor web 2.0 ajax cross-site request forgery

[verse 1]

too.. too..
too many buzzwords, black and white hat
too many hype jacking wannabe's at defcon like that (nerd: got root?)
too many white-fat industry pie-graphs
real hackers out hijacking your WiMAX

too much clique bullshit and politics
too many props for sites hit with javascript (yea I said it)
too much of the media acknowledges
bull shit hacking perpetuating novices

too.. too..
too many phones wire tapped without impunity
too many granted retroactive immunity
too much peacocking in the infosec community
between kids comparing their favorite flavors of unices

too many hackers deserving adequate eulogies
forgotton or burnt reminiscing how it used to be
I dont let this type of shit get to me usually
I cant be complacent, I have to save it


This is your career on life support (whaaat?)
and we're not white hats tryin to write reports
any box can be popped with the right resource
so your threat model's worthless, NICE REPORT

We got your network on life support (yeyeaah!)
fuck your firewall tryin to hide your ports
we hop these through proxies to hide the source
so your packet log is nothing, NICE REPORT (NICE REPORT)

[verse 2]

open the mic wire, flip a beat to the speakers
and watch me light fire, to this industry's
hype whores and hype biters, reporters and type writers
makin doc raid resort to blow torches and vise plyers

spiked wire (shit!) c4 and battle axes
put me on a keyboard to battle hax0rs
sheepish and claiming beef, cattle hackers
talk shit, get owned by me, and tattle after

the skills of the new kids? useless
exploits? they can't write their own excuses
just downloading sploits and rootkits
and now you think your worthy the status of dade murphy?

a ninja's not defined by his sword, of course
and theres more to a network than switch and a cord
so I retorte and ask an ego damaging question
how do you reckon you're elite merely brandishing weapons?

[chorus again]


Yeah! What up to Conkrete my producer, man, number 1 in the game.
This goes out to my crew SophSec,
This goes out to Visigoth and all the Kenshoto
Man this goes out to Syncrew
This goes out to RFP, Toby, Sharky and Ap3
Starik, the 0x41 crew
I say what up to Sa7ori, Subrute, Fredrick Diggle,
Doc Brown, @las, The Janus Group,
What up to all my homies
Doc Raid, 2009 the World is Mine

[Nice Report!]

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01/02/2020 12:31 pm  


Me gusta, y en el repositorio tiene muchos más, gracias por compartir. 👌😉

Israel García (0xL3301)